Mortgage Fraud

New York Bank Lending Fraud Lawyer

The economic conditions that cost so many people their homes in the last few years have also created opportunities for real estate speculators and for homebuyers who were previously priced out of the market.

But increased scrutiny in the wake of the housing market collapse has landed many of these honest buyers, as well as those caught up in someone else’s crime, in the crosshairs of state and federal investigators for suspicion of mortgage fraud.

The Brill Legal Group provides seasoned defense for charges of mortgage fraud or bank fraud. Our criminal defense lawyers have represented homebuyers, real estate investors, real estate brokers and lending officers on Long Island and in New York City.

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Countering Accusations of Mortgage Fraud

Legislators have closed loopholes that allowed multiple mortgages on the same property or conspiracies to artificially inflate market values to “flip” properties for a profit. But with tighter rules and scrutiny, many innocent people have become the target of a fraud probe.

The Brill Legal Group has represented legitimate speculators who are buying foreclosed or short sale homes, and ordinary people who are purchasing a home not to flip it but to live there or to provide space for family. The problem is that the people on the other end of the transaction are not always honest, drawing unwitting clients into participating in illegal or “gray area” practices:

  • Overstated income on loan applications
  • Purchasing from a seller who does not actually own the deed
  • Loan officer fraud (falsifying loan documents to get a buyer qualified)
  • “Straw buyer” purchases through a holding company
  • Credit default swaps

Criminal defense trial lawyer Peter Brill is a former assistant prosecutor with extensive experience in white collar crime defense. Mr. Brill and his team work to convince the investigators and the prosecutor of honest mistakes, misinterpreted actions or a lack of criminal intent. Our goal is to avoid serious prison time for a fraud conviction or mitigate the penalties if our client is found culpable in a mortgage fraud. We are prepared to go to trial if necessary to clear our clients of wrongdoing.

Don’t Say Anything Without a Lawyer

Even if you are innocent or marginally involved, you can make things worse by cooperating with investigators before consulting with a lawyer. Contact us to discuss your situation in a free initial consultation. We have offices in Hauppauge, Hempstead and Manhattan.



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