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Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud

Long Island and NYC Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud Defense Attorneys

Indictments for wire fraud or mail fraud, or conspiracy to commit them, are often charged in addition to the substantive criminal allegations recited in a government arrest warrant, complaint or indictment, but they must be taken just as seriously, if not more so. By their nature, these charges may be easier for the government to prove, and the penalties for conviction can be harsher than the underlying offense.

The Brill Legal Group in Manhattan and Hauppauge provides skilled defense against federal fraud prosecutions. Our attorneys have represented the accused in the federal courts of the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) and the Southern District of New York (SDNY )in Manhattan, White Plains, Brooklyn and Central Islip in manywhite collar crimes.

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Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud Are Serious Offenses

Any activity involving electronic communications or the U.S. Postal Service — the mail, Western Union, telephone calls, email, cellphone texting — can be charged as mail fraud or wire fraud if it furthered a crime or aided a criminal conspiracy. It could be a package, a computer document, a conversation over the Internet, or a financial transaction.

The broad definition is often used to shoehorn cases into federal court that would otherwise be a state case. Prosecutors also throw wire fraud and mail fraud into indictments as a back-up to primary charges of bank fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering or any crime. A conviction for mail or wire fraud carries a prison term of up to 20 years for each count.

Challenging the Underlying Offense

Evidence of the mail or wire transaction alone does not constitute fraud. Our criminal defense team makes the government prove that a crime occurred, prove that our client was connected and had criminal intent, and prove that the evidence was lawfully obtained.

Trial lawyer Peter Brill is himself a former Nassau County prosecutor. He understands how fraud cases are investigated and has considerable experience in federal court. He uses all the resources and skill of our firm to avoid a conviction or limit the punishment, including going to trial when warranted to fight for your freedom.

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