Prostitution & Patronizing

Manhattan / NYC Legal Defense for Soliciting or Trafficking

If you are accused of hiring a prostitute or engaging in human trafficking, you face likely prison time, a lasting criminal record, damage to your reputation and all the consequences of registering as a sex offender. A proactive defense may avoid or downgrade these penalties and avoid the adverse publicity, which can destroy reputations and family relationships.

Brill Legal Group has represented sex workers, alleged panderers and “johns” arrested under New York State prostitution statutes, as well as related federal charges. With offices in Hauppauge, Hempstead and Manhattan, our lawyers represent clients on Long Island and throughout New York City.

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Experienced Defense for Prostitution Crimes

Peter Brill is a former Nassau County prosecutor with a decade of experience in criminal defense. He and the rest of our legal team provide savvy representation in cases involving:

  • Soliciting the services of a prostitute
  • Promoting or compelling prostitution
  • Engaging in prostitution
  • Online solicitation of teenagers for sex

Patronizing a prostitute is normally a misdemeanor offense. But if you are accused of having sex with an underage prostitute, even if you didn’t know she (or he) was underage, it can be a first or second-degree felony that requires sex offender registration. Sex trafficking is also a major felony under recently enacted law, punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

In defense of clients, we examine every aspect of a sting operation or circumstances of the arrest. Did any sexual acts occur? Is there any evidence of an agreement for money or actual transaction? Was it a consensual hook-up rather than sex for money? Were you baited into a meeting by an undercover officer posing as a prostitute? Were you deceived about the actual age of the girl or boy?

Our goal is to avoid a conviction, and especially to avoid felony charges, prison, sex offender registry and embarrassing publication of your name and photo in connection with prostitution. Contact our experienced sex crime defense attorneys for a free initial consultation. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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