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From underage drinking and possession of alcohol to drug possession and DWI, young people may engage in criminal behavior for a host of different reasons than adults, including the reduced impulse control teenagers have and peer pressure. Parents should keep in mind that normal adolescent development includes rebellion, experimentation, and open rejection of parental values. Just as toddlers often fall down while learning to walk, there are many pitfalls for teens trying to become adults on their own terms. Typically, we see an increase in risk-taking behavior starting around freshman year of high school (though middle school has its own issues for kids), while it really takes on a life of its own in the junior and senior years of high school.

Of course, kids with pre-existing issues of ADD/ADHD, depression, or learning difficulties are often more open to the risky behavior that leads to being charged with a crime. Lacking in impulse control, and often unwilling to seek advice from parents, teens may attempt to self-medicate for mood management with alcohol and other drugs. Often, teens who take Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, or some of the other stimulants to battle ADD/ADHD will stop taking it out of shame, embarrassment, or simply because they don’t like how it makes them feel.

Many parents have mixed feelings about medicating their kids to begin with. As a result, teens who stop taking their prescriptions quickly feel the effects and jump to alcohol, other drugs, or marijuana,to feel “happy” or “normal.” Effective March 31, 2021, it is no longer a crime to smoke or possess limited amounts of cannabis in New York.

Unfortunately, in many cases, what is usually a one-time mistake or lapse in judgment leads to an arrest and a trip to Family Court or Criminal Court. And while, as parents, our love and concern for our children lead us to believe that the lesson is learned by the time the arrest and booking procedure is completed, those in the police and court system often do not feel the same way. In the age of online background checks and Facebook pages that never disappear, a criminal record can be ruinous to a young person’s future.

In cases of juvenile arrests, criminal charges for those 16 and older in Criminal or District Court, or the arrest of college students for a DWI, drug crime or criminal mischief, call a Nassau County and Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer to assist with the case and fight for your child’s future.

Criminal Defense Attorney for High School and College Cases: The Brill Legal Group

The legal team at the Brill Legal Group is very interested in assisting young people in their criminal charges and fighting for alternative sentencing, or presenting a defense to improper charges. There are many unique circumstances that are involved with young people and the law, including the following:

  • Gang-related activities
  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Truancy school disciplinary proceedings
  • Vandalism, property damage, criminal mischief
  • Drug possession, drug use
  • Assault, battery
  • Arson
  • Trespassing
  • Petty theft, petit larceny
  • Weapons charges
  • School searches

If your son or daughter has become involved with the law, it is crucial that he or she gets legal counsel who can help with his or her specific needs. A juvenile defense lawyer, with the assistance of the parents, can guide your son or daughter through the legal process and hopefully avoid a criminal record. Each case has specific circumstances and details, and must be fully analyzed by the attorney in order to provide you with the strategy that will be used to protect your child.

With guidance and legal counsel from the Brill Legal Group, every effort will be made to help the young person avoid the same mistake in the future, and to assist in seeking alternative sentencing in some cases, plea bargains in others and, if possible, a dismissal of the charges. You can rest assured that we care about each and every client and will make your case a priority.

Make no mistake the attorney you choose can make a big difference in how your child’s case is resolved. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an attorney with significant experience in juvenile law is looking out for your child’s rights.

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Our client, an Islip Terrace high school student, was charged by the Suffolk County District Attorney in Suffolk County District Court (Central Islip) with cursing at the police, fighting with the police and refusing to be arrested. Due to the complete lack of credibility of the Suffolk County Police Sergeant who made the arrest, our client was found Not Guilty of all charges after a nonjury trial.

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