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DMV License Suspension Hearings

New York Suspended Driver’s License Defense Lawyer

In addition to defending you in court against incarceration and fines, our attorneys stand ready to defend you at DMV hearings against suspension and revocation of your driving privileges.

Your driving privileges may be suspended for a variety of reasons beyond DWI/DWAI. Being a “persistent violator” (accumulating too many points on your license from moving violations), failure to submit to a breathalyzer, and involvement in a fatal accident can result in license suspension or revocation.

A suspension means your license to drive is taken away for a period of time. After that time, it is returned, at which point you may have to pay a fee. A revocation means your license to drive is completely voided. When the revocation period is over, you must re-apply for a license and meet DMV requirements.

The New York State DMV spells out a wide range of offenses, and each carries its own potential penalties. At Brill Legal Group, P.C., we have extensive knowledge and experience in defending clients accused of all manner of violations. We know which charges can be effectively challenged and under what circumstances. We know how to help you qualify for conditional licenses that will allow you to drive to work. And we can help you make arrangements for programs in alcohol and drug support and safe driving which can not only improve your well-being, but reflect well on you in court and DMV hearings.

Hard-working people simply cannot afford to have their license suspended or revoked. If you are facing a DMV license suspension hearing, contact Brill Legal Group today.

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