Arrested for Carrying a Gun at LaGuardia Airport

New York has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. The state’s zero tolerance policy toward firearms, combined with stringent TSA security measures at airports, often catch unsuspecting travelers off guard.

New York City’s LaGuardia Airport is a busy hub for business and vacation travelers from all over the country. Individuals who bring a firearm into the airport can face arrest and felony charges even if they had no intention of violating the law and are otherwise responsible, law-abiding gun owners with no previous criminal convictions.

In many cases, the firearm in question is likely to be properly registered in the person’s home state. However, many travelers are unaware that New York does not recognize gun licenses from other states. As a result, a gun that was legal in the state you departed from can be considered illegal the moment you set foot in LaGuardia Airport.

Although traveling with firearms is permitted, TSA has very specific requirements as to how guns should be stored, transported and declared. For example, ammunition must be separated from the gun. All travelers must follow safety regulations, which have become more strict after 9/11.

New York also has its own set of gun laws. It is important to become familiarized with them if you intend to arrive at LaGuardia Airport with a firearm. Under Article 265 of New York Penal Law, there are mandatory penalties for the criminal possession of a firearm, classified in varying degrees. Travelers who violate the law could face felony charges that are likely to carry prison sentences and lead to a loss of gun privileges.

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