Arrested For Assault at JFK International Airport

If you are arrested for assault at JFK International Airport, you could be charged with felony assault, which is the intentional or reckless infliction of physical injury to another person. Whether it is characterized as a class D or B violent felony is dependent on the following factors:

  • Whether a weapon was used
  • The age of the victim
  • Where the crime cook place
  • The age of the perpetrator
  • The nature of the injuries
  • The intent of the perpetrator

In an assault that occurred in March of 2017, a man faced accusations of beating another man with a tire iron at JFK International Airport’s baggage claim. After getting into a physical dispute with the man, Nathaniel Santana, age 26, used a tire iron to attack the 25-year-old man prior to entering his vehicle and leaving the premises. Not long afterwards, police stopped him a short distance from the airport. They recovered the tire iron he used in the attack in his car. The victim was transported to the hospital, where he received treatment for cuts and bruises. Santana faced the following charges:

  • Second-degree assault
  • Menacing
  • Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Resisting arrest
  • Fleeing police

If you are arrested for assault at JFK International Airport, an experienced airport criminal defense attorney can effectively defend you from any criminal charges that have been leveled against you. An attorney can assist you in obtaining the names and addresses of witnesses, and secure video from security cameras in the terminals, at the drop-off and pickup sites, or in the parking lots prior to the time at which they are destroyed or erased.

Call the airport criminal defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group. They will fight vigorously on your behalf and endeavor to reach a favorable resolution to your case.



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