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Task force reviews New York’s white collar crime laws

Whenever there is a significant change in technology, there is often an increase in the amount of crimes committed using these new devices or systems. The laws in place often do not cover some of these activities, requiring a comprehensive review in order to be sure that those who are participating in certain illegal activities face appropriate penalties if they end up convicted of these crimes.

Recently, a task force in New York has reviewed the laws associated with white collar crimes within the state. Many of these laws have not been modified since the 1960s, and officials believe that they have become outdated when pursuing individuals suspected of certain high-tech crimes.

In particular, the group focused on crimes dealing with schemes to defraud. The new penalties would depend upon the number of victims or the amount of money that was allegedly stolen. A new Class B felony would be created for those schemes in which there were 1,000 or more victims or more than $1 million dollars was involved.

The task force also recommended changes to the identity theft and elder fraud laws currently in place within the state. These proposals would allow for a more thorough review of the facts of the alleged activity, and could lead to more severe penalties if certain characteristics were satisfied.

The state legislature will consider the task force’s report and then potentially make changes based upon the recommendations. If the laws are modified, it could mean that individuals accused of these crimes could be facing much longer jail or prison sentences if they are convicted.

The state may also make it much easier to charge individuals suspected of these crimes. The proposal reviewed the way that these cases are presented to the grand jury, and suggested limiting the types of immunity that may be available to certain individuals. The task force believes that this could enhance the credibility of some of the testimony that is being presented.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime in New York, it is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The penalties that are imposed in these cases often contain high fines and potential jail time, so you need to present an aggressive defense to these accusations. The state will have significant resources available to pursue a conviction, so you need to have someone on your side protecting your interests.

Often, these charges are handed down after lengthy investigations. If police contact you and begin asking you questions about certain activities, be sure that you have an attorney present with you during these interrogations. An attorney can advise you on your rights and help you protect yourself at this difficult time.



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