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Princess Has a Pea Loose

Wednesday, June 2, 2004, 6:56 a.m.

A woman accused of insurance fraud has gone from claiming she’s a Saudi princess to suggesting she’s a royal nut.

Antoinette Millard, 40, agreed yesterday to submit to a psychiatric evaluation as part of an attempt to reach a plea-bargain agreement with Manhattan prosecutors.

Millard, who has claimed she was both royalty and a Victoria’s Secret model, has received psychiatric treatment in the past, said her lawyer, Peter Brill. He declined to elaborate.

Millard was charged with attempted grand larceny after she filed an insurance claim in October for jewelry that she said was stolen. Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said Millard actually had sold the jewelry before the alleged theft. She did not collect on the Chubb Insurance claim.

Millard is actually a former vice president of the investment banking firm Brown Brothers Harriman and the daughter of a Buffalo steelworker. Brill described her as “someone who just got caught up in the kind of money culture that dominates New York.” He said she had “a need to fit in with that culture.”

Assistant District Attorney Diana Florence told the judge yesterday that prosecutors want Millard to serve a jail term of one to three years.

Brill said his client agreed to the psychiatric evaluation to help her chances for less jail time.

The slender, petite divorcee appeared before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Renee White yesterday without the “diamond” tiara she used to wear at social events. She donned a conservative vanilla-colored suit and had teary, red-rimmed eyes. Her bottom lip trembled when reporters approached.



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