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Penalties for alcohol or drug-related driving violations

In our last post, we reviewed the differences under New York law between drivers’ license revocations and suspensions. In this post, we want to review the penalties that can be imposed for alcohol or drug-related driving violations that involve license revocation or suspension. The nature and severity of the penalty depends upon the amount of…

DUI arrest made on person with unbuckled child in the car

This blog has posted several discussions of the New York statute called “Leandra’s Law” that imposes harsher penalties on drivers convicted of driving with a child under the age of 16 in the car. A recent DWI arrest in Hempstead for drinking and driving and a violation of Leandra’s Law demonstrates how carelessness toward a…

What are potential penalties for drunk driving in New York?

Drunk driving charges, consequences and penalties are potentially serious in New York state. Individuals facing drunk driving charges, however, may wonder just how serious the potential penalties they are facing are. There are a number of alcohol-related violations drivers may be charged with in New York and potential penalties associated with each. An individual may…

Drugs lead to charges of mother violating Leandra’s Law

We have written in this blog on several occasions about a New York statute known by the popular name “Leandra’s Law.” Our previous posts have focused on drivers who were arrested on drunk driving charges after drinking alcoholic beverages, but a recent incident shows that Leandra’s Law can have a broader reach. Leandra’s Law adds…