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Woman pleads guilty to most recent accident

Drunk driving charges are serious charges and should be treated as such. Anyone who is arrested for DWI is entitled to build as strong a defense as possible. Sometimes though, the best defense against charges are to plead guilty. Recently, a woman took this approach and pleaded guilty to several charges stemming from an accident…

Jeep collides with school bus

Driving while impaired can carry serious consequences. Anyone who is charged with driving while ability impaired or with drinking and driving can face imprisonment, fines and court costs. Because the charges and the penalties can be severe, it is important that anyone charged with such crimes seek legal counsel so he or she can mount…

David Cassidy not getting happy after DWI in New York

Drinking is a huge part of our social culture here in New York and the rest of the country. When we want to spend time with a friend we suggest going out for a drink. Parties and weddings offer guests wine and liquor. And beer is the go-to drink for watching sports live or on…

Bus driver who police assumed was drunk sues Nassau County

When police respond to a crash that is out of the ordinary in some way — such as a school bus crashing into a parked car — they often first assume the driver is intoxicated. As much as police may want to make an arrest and file charges, however, drunk driving does not explain every…