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Actress Lohan off probation after community service

Community service is frequently part of the penalty that follows a conviction on drunk driving charges in New York. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that failure to satisfy this aspect of a sentence can lead to revival of the original charges or other penalties.

Over a period of several years, actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested several times and charged with DUI, drug possession and other crimes. Community service was frequently part of her sentence in connection with these charges. In the most recent of these incidents, in 2012, she was arrested for reckless driving. As part of her sentence, she was required to provide 125 hours of community service.

Earlier this year, after finding that Lohan was behind in her community service obligations, a judge ordered her to perform additional hours before her next scheduled court appearance on May 28. According to media reports, she arranged new volunteer work with several New York organizations to make the up the shortage in hours. At the May 28 hearing, a California judge determined that Lohan had satisfied her requirements and officially ended her probation period.

Those who are under a court order to perform a minimum number of hours of community service should understand that their obligation is serious and that a failure to comply can result in even more severe penalties. Anyone under probation who faces a charge that she has failed to satisfy the terms of the probation may wish to consult an attorney who specializes in defending DUI cases. Attorneys can review the facts in light of the sentence and provide a useful evaluation of the chances of successfully opposing the new charge.

Source: CNN.com, “After seven years, Lindsay Lohan is off probation,” May 29, 2015