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DUI/DWI cases require vigorous defense

Most people in New York are aware that both federal and state constitutions state that a person accused of a crime is deemed to be innocent until guilt has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt. However, most people do not realize that the presumption of innocence requires a vigorous advocate to ensure that its protection reaches people who need it: persons who have been wrongly accused of a crime and those who have been wrongly taken into custody, i.e., those who are in fact innocent of the charges made against them.

The lawyers at the Brill Law Group specialize in criminal defense. In fact, those are the only kinds of cases they handle. Brill lawyers understand that even a relatively minor criminal charge, such as a first DUI conviction, can have repercussions for the rest of the person’s life that last far beyond a driver’s license suspension. They know the importance of thoroughly reviewing the facts of a case, gathering all of the relevant evidence and formulating a defense plan that maximizes the chanced of acquittal.

Many of Brill’s attorneys began their professional lives as prosecutors. They therefore know both the law and the tactics and strategy employed by prosecutors to obtain convictions. These lawyers know when to fight, when to negotiate and how to find the holes in the prosecutor’s case.

Even a first DUI conviction that can have serious societal and professional consequences. A conviction could make finding a job nearly impossible. A second or third conviction could mean imprisonment. Any person DWI charges should consult one of the attorneys at the Brill Legal Group. The attorney will provide a skilled and honest evaluation of the case and possible defense strategies. These lawyers have the skill and experience to keep a client out of jail and on the road.