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New York man arrested on felony DWI charges

It is important for individuals facing drunk driving charges to be aware that different defense options, for different situations, may be available to them. A New York man was recently arrested on felony DWI charges in another part of the state. The man was stopped by New York State Troopers for allegedly speeding. According to authorities, once stopped, police noticed an odor of alcohol on the man. The 31-year old man was transferred to the police station and allegedly had a blood alcohol content level of 0.12.

The man is facing drunk driving charges and was issued traffic tickets for speeding and is required to return to court. According to reports, the man has a previous drunk driving conviction which resulted in felony drunk driving charges during the most recent occasion.

Drunk driving charges are always serious. Individuals accused of drunk driving charges face potential consequences that can impact them in the near-term, such as a jail sentence, potential fines and license suspension, as well as personal and professional potential consequences that can impact them well into the future.

Potential consequences and penalties may also increase when the DWI charges the individual is facing is not the first DWI offense the individual has been charged with and instead may be the second DWI offense the individual has been charged with. Because of the serious nature of the charges and possible consequences, felony DWI charges require a strong defense response. Defense options may be based on police procedure or the reliability of evidence against the accused party, among other possible defense options.

There may be many criminal defense options available to an individual facing drunk driving charges. Because each defense strategy depends on the facts and circumstances of the particular situation the accused party is facing, it is important to be familiar with all possible defense options when defending against drunk driving charges.

Source: The Buffalo News, “Tonawanda man faces felony drunken driving charge,” Jan. 20, 2015