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Aggravated DWI charges can be particularly serious

All drinking and driving charges are unquestionably serious and can carry significant penalties and consequences. As such, all drinking and driving charges should be treated seriously and deserve a strong criminal defense response. Some drinking and driving charges, however, such as an aggravated DWI charge, can be particularly serious. By definition, an aggravated DWI charge alleges that the accused individual was over twice the legal limit, or had a blood alcohol content level (BAC) greater than 0.18, at the time of the drunk driving arrest.

Because of the increased seriousness of aggravated DWI charges, they carry even more potentially serious and harsh penalties, including both criminal and license consequences. Possible penalties can include jail time; licenses suspension for one year; the requirement that an ignition interlock device be installed on the accused party’s vehicle; mandatory alcohol assessment and treatment; significant fines and court costs; and supervised probation.

Due to the serious nature of any criminal charges, including drunk driving and aggravated DWI charges, each accused individual has the right to present a defense to the charges they are facing. A variety of criminal defense options may be available to challenge, and potentially reduce or eliminate, the charges. Challenges may be made to the accuracy of evidence against the accused party; the procedures that were followed when evidence against the accused party was collected and while the accused party was arrested; as well as if any circumstances exist when authorities violated the accused individual’s rights during the arrest process.

Drunk driving charges can sometimes be an individual’s first contact with the criminal justice system. Because of the serious nature of an aggravated DWI charge, it is important to immediately begin focusing on how to minimize the significant present and future impact drunk driving charges can have on the life of the accused party. Though drunk driving charges can be alarming, overwhelming and frightening at times, it is important to keep in mind that criminal defense options exist, based on the circumstances, for each accused individual. For more information, please visit our Aggravated DWI webpage.