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New York announces STOP-DWI Thanksgiving Weekend Crackdown

In an effort to reduce the amount of impaired drivers on the road, authorities have released their plans for this upcoming holiday. Drinking and driving can have serious consequences related to life, the law and property. So it’s no wonder the state is looking to minimize the potential destruction that could occur this holiday. STOP-DWI aims at doing just what it says; stopping DWIs from occurring.

Law enforcement officers across New York will be on high alert this upcoming Thanksgiving. They will be searching for impaired drivers. The statewide crackdown on DWIs will run from November 26 through 30 in observance of Thanksgiving. The search for drunk drivers is a partnership amongst the New York State Police, Madison County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies across the state.

Research shows that these crackdowns have been able to reduce drunk driving fatalities by up to 20 percent. It’s important to know that, over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, 416 motorists died in traffic crashes. This is the highest number of deaths out of any holiday weekend. According to the NHTSA, 42 percent of those killed in crashes were involved in an accident with a driver who had a BAC over the legal limit.

This crackdown on drunk driving is easily a direct result of the fatalities that occurred in 2012. Hopefully this will deter people from getting behind the wheel after ingesting alcohol. Everyone should be aware of not only the crackdown but the possibility that impaired drivers could still be behind the wheel. STOP-DWI will be out in full force this holiday.

Source: uticaod.com, “Impaired driving crackdown taking place statewide,” Nov. 17, 2014