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New York man severely injured after alleged drunk driving crash

Many readers of this blog may have heard the phrase, “We’re all human.” This phrase means many things, but one thing that can be learned from it is that we all make mistakes and decisions that may cause an unintentional negative outcome. Some mistakes and decisions result in more severe outcomes than others. Unfortunately, a decision to drive his car home after allegedly consuming too much alcohol has left a New York man with very severe injuries. He also has been charged with a crime.

The 50-year-old man was driving his Porsche at around 1:00 in the morning when he struck a tractor-trailer. The man’s small passenger vehicle became wedged and stuck under the large commercial vehicle and was dragged along for a short period of time. The tractor-trailer driver then stopped and emergency crews responded to the scene of the accident.

The crews that responded to the scene had to pull the driver out of his Porsche. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, which include two broken ankles and a broken pelvis.

According to investigators, there was a bottle of vodka in the vehicle that was almost empty and the man allegedly smelled of alcohol. He now faces a DWI charge, as well as charges for reckless driving and driving with an open container in his vehicle.

This man is facing a situation that could have a large negative impact on his life. Drunk driving charges can have a drastic impact on the life and livelihood of an accused. In addition, the nature of this man’s injuries will likely make his recovery an expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining process.

A conviction for drunk driving may include penalties such as monetary fines, jail time, alcohol rehabilitation programs, loss of one’s driver’s license and more. Sometimes it is helpful to find legal counsel that can take some of the pressure off, serve as the defendant’s advocate and argue his or her case in an attempt to obtain lesser penalties. This way, the defendant can focus on recovery and healing his or her physical wounds.

Source: NBC Channel 4 New York, “Porsche Shredded After Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Tractor-Trailer on George Washington Bridge,” Aug. 7, 2014