New York bus driver arrested for DUI following crash

Most New Yorkers likely understand that driving while intoxicated can lead to an arrest. However, people may not understand all the other consequences that it can also lead to — in particular, a driver’s license suspension. This suspension can lead to serious problems in a person’s social life and limit employment opportunities. At minimum, most drivers will lose their license for at least a month following an arrest.

A New York bus driver may face these issues following a recent accident. In this case, the 58-year-old bus driver was driving a double decker tourist bus. According to police, the man had been driving faster than a typical tourist bus when he hit another double decker bus, side swiped an SUV and knocked over a traffic light pole.

The accident supposedly caused injuries to 14 people — three of whom were seriously hurt. Police arrested the man at the scene for driving under the influence. Police allege that tests are being conducted to determine what substance the man was under the influence of.

In cases like this one, a driver’s license suspension could end this man’s career. He may be forced to find a new job that doesn’t require driving — which can be difficult in today’s economy. Furthermore, his economic stability could be further threatened by the large fines and fees he could be subject to if convicted.

To avoid the harsh reality of a driver’s license suspension, jail time, fines, driving education classes and other penalties for DWI conviction, those facing DUI charges in New York may want to consider preparing a criminal defense. With the right help, people can avoid certain penalties or reduce the charges.

Source: Virtual Global News, “New York Double Decker Bus Driver Arrested for DUI Causing Collision,” Angelina Bouc, Aug. 6, 2014