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New York accident results in vehicular assault charge

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can have a serious impact on the life of the accused in New York and states across the country. These consequences can become even more severe when the decision to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol causes a car accident that injures another party.

A recent New York car accident has left one man facing a vehicular assault charge in addition to other criminal charges. According to accident reports, the collision involved a motorcycle and a Ford Explorer. The exact details of the accident are unknown. However, when police arrived at the scene of the accident they saw that the two people traveling on the motorcycle had suffered serious injuries. The driver was a 50-year-old male. He was transported to an area medical facility. His 49-year-old female passenger was airlifted to the same facility.

The 39-year-old man driving the SUV submitted to sobriety testing and it was determined that his blood alcohol content was 0.19, which is significantly over the legal limit of 0.08. The man was charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, misdemeanor reckless driving, misdemeanor DWI, misdemeanor driving with a BAC higher that the legal limit and other traffic violations.

This incident shows that driving while intoxicated can lead to serious consequences for the alleged drunk driver. Even if the collision is not a fatal drunk driving accident the driver may still face charges that can have a long-lasting negative impact on their life.

It is important for those facing drunk driving charges to understand that they have rights and can defend their case. It may not be an easy road but there are attorneys in New York that want to help these individuals work through this difficult time and obtain the best outcome possible.

Source: The Daily Mail, “Police charge Greenville man with vehicular assault, DWI,” Melanie Lekocevic, June 24, 2014