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Don’t shrug off drunk driving just because celebrities do it

If your neighbor went on Facebook and posted a photo that was a side-by-side comparison of himself and his wife getting a mugshot for a DUI, and he was making light of the situation, would you consider that acceptable? What if your son or daughter was having a candid conversation with their friends about their drunk driving incidents? What if they were laughing and joking about it, carrying on like it wasn’t a big deal?

Most people would agree — and hopefully everyone would agree — that these situations are unacceptable. Drunk driving is a serious offense that should not be taken so lightly. These crimes can ruin lives. Victims of these accidents can suffer, and the perpetrator of the incident can endure a lifetime of consequences as a result of a DUI.

We bring this up in light of a couple of instances recently involving celebrities and drunk driving. The Kardashians poked fun at themselves on social media, posting a side-by-side photo of the mugshots of one of the Kardashian sisters and one of the sisters’ husbands. There have also been instances where talk show guests casually talk about their DUIs. There was even a skit on an old “Saturday Night Live” episode where Lindsay Lohan mocked her DUI.

Your everyday person won’t get the preferential treatment that celebrities get when they are accused of drunk driving. Celebrities often are able to make the charges disappear — but that doesn’t happen for the vast majority of people who are accused of such an offense. If you are accused of drunk driving, you should consult a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Source: FOX News, “Experts: Celebrities who glorify drunk driving make streets more dangerous,” Hollie McKay, June 5, 2014