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New York man gets two DWIs in one night

An upstate New York man has illustrated exactly what not to do after being charged with a DWI.

According to police, the 31-year-old Oneonta man was charged with drunk driving after running into the car ahead of him in a McDonald’s drive-thru Sunday around 1 a.m.

Police allege that testing determined the man had a blood-alcohol content of .25 percent, while the legal limit to drive in the state is just .08. The man was released to a sober third-party who promised to drop the man off at his residence.

Police allege that the man then returned to the fast-food restaurant around 5 a.m., got into his car and attempted to drive away. However, police say the man ended up driving into the building before being arrested and charged with a second DWI.

Although it doesn’t appear that anyone was seriously injured in either accident, the driver could face very serious consequences for his actions.

Even if a driver believes that he was wrongly accused of driving drunk, getting back into a vehicle to drive is never a good idea. Not only does a subsequent DWI charge add severity to the case, it also makes it less likely that the prosecutor and judge would accept a plea bargain.

Instead of worrying about your vehicle after being charged with a DWI, it’s smarter to contact a DWI defense lawyer right away who can help get your case on the right track. This is especially true if you believe that you have been unfairly charged.

Source: Associated Press, “New York man gets DWI; hours later, gets second DWI in the same place,” March 11, 2014