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Giant’s traffic stop leads to arrest for unpaid child support

Sometimes being pulled over for a traffic stop can lead to more problems than anticipated. New York Giants player, Will Hill, learned that the hard way when his car was stopped last month on Route 46 in Little Falls, New York, after the person behind the wheel drove through an exit-only lane. The 23-year-old safety was not driving his Mercedes, but was one of three passengers.

The officer who made the stop reported the smell of marijuana in the car and saw evidence that the drug “was once prepared and smoked in the vehicle.” However, a search of the car, to which Hill consented, uncovered no illegal substances. Nonetheless, he was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant for owing nearly $9,200 in child support payments. He paid the amount due and was released. The driver of the vehicle was not arrested for DWI, but was cited with other offenses, including driving on a suspended license.

A Giants spokesman called the incident a “personal matter” and indicated that while Hill would not face any disciplinary action, the National Football League was aware of his drug use. He has admitted publicly to using marijuana as a “coping mechanism.” He has been suspended from the team in the past for testing positive for banned drugs, including Adderall, which is taken for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

While marijuana is currently illegal in New York, Governor Cuomo is reportedly working to get it legalized for medical purposes, as it is in California and a number of other states. However, as with alcohol, even if it becomes legal, it will still be against the law to drive while under the influence. It’s best to keep it out of your vehicles altogether, as it is simply inviting suspicion by law enforcement if you are pulled over for any reason. Anyone faced with a DWI, whether its related to alcohol or drugs, should immediately seek the support of a defense attorney who can help ensure that your rights are protected as you deal with the justice system.

Source: NJ.com, “Police: Giants safety Hill was behind $9K in child support; odor of marijuana in car” Ron Zeitlinger, Dec. 31, 2013