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DWI charges may be upgraded after death of crash victim

A New York florist who was struck by an alleged intoxicated driver in June has succumbed to the injuries suffered during that accident. The 63-year-old victim died at a nursing home on New Year’s Day, according to his relatives. The victim had reportedly been struck by a 32-year-old man accused of speeding while not only drunk but also high on PCP and methamphetamine. In addition to facing DWI charges, the defendant is facing additional drug charges in connection with a Dec. 7 incident in which he was allegedly found in possession of cocaine.

The driver reportedly injured six people altogether in the June collision. His rented vehicle struck several stationary objects before smashing into the decedent’s flower shop.

This is not the driver’s first run-in with the law. He was also convicted of DWI charges in 2007, and he was reportedly found with cocaine 10 years ago. It is not yet clear whether the charges in the man’s criminal case will be upgraded now that the victim has died. That victim died when he reportedly removed a breathing tube as he was alone in his room. Relatives are not sure whether the death was accidental. The defendant is already facing serious charges including aggravated vehicular assault. He is also accused of second-degree assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance in addition to the DWI charges.

It is possible that the man’s charges could be upgraded in the wake of the victim’s death. A qualified criminal defense attorney in New York may help such defendants learn more about their legal rights after an injured victim dies from wounds suffered in a DWI wreck.

Source: New York Daily News, “New York City florist hit by car that plowed through his shop has died: Family” Barry Paddock, Jan. 15, 2014