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New York crossing guard arrested for DWI

Having one too many and getting behind the wheel of a car is an unfortunate act that can have serious consequences. No one gets behind the wheel of a car with the intent of acting recklessly or dangerously, but sometimes mistakes can happen. Anyone who is facing the consequences of being a arrested for DWI should speak to an experienced legal professional so a plan can be made to combat the charges. Suffolk readers might have heard about a woman who was arrested for driving while intoxicated after leaving her job.

A 58-year-old woman was arrested in the parking lot of a store on Nov. 6 at approximately 9:30 a.m. Authorities had received a call about a possible drunk driver. According to authorities, once they pulled her over, they observed that she looked as if she were under the influence of alcohol. The woman had just left her position as a crossing guard at a local school before she was pulled over.

There was no mention whether the arrest was based on what the officers observed or if she was given field tests or a breathalyzer. She was due to be arraigned on Nov. 7.

The severity of the woman’s charge could hinge on several factors, such as whether this is her first or a repeat offense and if she’s been charged with anything else previously. However, there is a possibility that her allegedly doing her job as a school crossing guard while under the influence could have a negative impact on her case. If the woman has not done so, she needs to start building a solid defense for the charge of driving while intoxicated.

Anyone who is facing a DWI charge, whether it is the first or not, should seek information from an experienced legal professional. These individuals can explain what the charge means, the possible penalties for conviction and what alternatives might be available.

Source: NBC New York, “School Crossing Guard Accused of DWI After Morning Shift” No author given, Oct. 23, 2013