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Off-duty guard arrested after girlfriend’s DUI

Getting arrested for DUI is at the least embarrassing. You are requested to complete tests that if you truly are intoxicated you cannot pass. Then you are taken to a local lockup and booked, processed and placed in a cell until someone comes to bail you out. Of course there is also the stigma that is attached to such charges. Suffolk readers may be interested to read about a woman who was recently charged with drinking and driving, but not only has the above issues to contend with, she also now has a boyfriend who is facing charges because of her actions as well.

The woman was recently pulled over for driving while intoxicated. While she was being arrested, her 43-year-old boyfriend confronted officers to ask why she was being taken into custody. When officers responded, the man became argumentative with the officers, prompting them to take the man into custody as well.

The man was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. It was not reported if the woman faced further charges due to her boyfriend’s actions.

A legal professional experienced in handling these types of cases can help a defendant facing these types of charges frame their defense in a way that will place them in as positive light. For example, if this is the woman’s first offense, an experienced legal professional will point this out and present it in a way that it was just a mistake made by an otherwise responsible person.

Anyone facing charges such as DUI or DWI would be wise to speak to a legal professional so they can have a strong defense when they have their day in court.

Source: NY Daily News, “Off-duty corrections officer arrested in scuffle with cops over girlfriend’s DUI” Rocco Parascandola, Oct. 21, 2013