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Woman injured in accident with DUI driver

Drivers who take to the roads while impaired run the risk of several penalties if they are caught, one of which is license suspension. In many ways, if this is one of the few consequences they face, they are fortunate. Some drivers who are charged with DWI can face other charges, especially if an accident is caused by the alleged impaired driving. Our New York readers might be interested in this story which involved an intoxicated driver who sent another drive to a local hospital.

The truck driver was allegedly impaired according to authorities. He collided with a car on a Hudson Valley bridge on Aug. 26. The New Jersey woman was taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries to her head, leg and internal injuries. There was no word on whether the truck driver was injured or if anyone else was involved in the accident.

The accident also caused a traffic snarl for drivers that lasted for hours. Most likely, the traffic was slowed because authorities had to conduct an investigation into the accident, as well as inspect the bridge for damage. Once the investigation was concluded, the truck driver had been charged with vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The truck driver is facing some serious charges. If convicted he could be looking at stiff fines, license penalties as well as the possibility of jail time. It would be in his best interests to seek the advice from a legal professional. These individuals can best ensure that anyone who is facing such charges can mount a vigorous defense. They can also determine if due process was used and make sure the authorities acted within the letter of the law while gathering evidence used to bring formal charges.

Source: Wall Street Journal, “Pa. trucker charged after crash on NY bridge” No author given, Aug. 28, 2013