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Very thorough and easy to get in touch with. Best decision I’ve made to retain him. Just a great lawyer! I researched the other attorneys in the field and they just didn’t seem to have the qualities and educational background as compared to Brill. When you retain Brill, that is exactly who you are dealing with- not the run-around with a partner. Defending medical licenses is not a common area of law, and it could mean your livelihood… Brill knows what he is doing and knows the right people. I highly, highly recommend.

- E.M.

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Excellent attorney who seems to understand how to navigate through the criminal justice system. In a time of incredible stress and turmoil, his guidance and wisdom will lead you to the most favorable outcome! I highly recommend his services.

- P.K.

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Thank you Peter Brill and your office for your commitment and honesty in regards to my case. You made me feel comfortable since day one to have you as my lawyer and I will never forget that. Your strategy (though, it may not work in every case) saved my pension and I am truly grateful. Your knowledge in caselaw and your professionalism in court was exceptional and it made a difference in my case. Thank you for your guidance through the toughest time of my life.

- E.V.

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Awesome versatile attorney. After proving my innocence he turned around and sued the agency responsible for my arrest and won! Because of my experience with Peter I am now inspired to pursue a legal career myself.

- P.H.

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A History of Providing Exceptional Legal Service

For more than 20 years, the attorneys of the Brill Legal Group have provided sophisticated and effective guidance to individuals and organizations facing prosecution. With four offices, our firm serves clients throughout the New York area in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan.


We understand how the justice systems of Long Island and New York City operate. From our years of working in criminal defense, we have come to know the area’s regulators, investigators, police, prosecutors and judges. Our firm has developed a reputation for trustworthiness and respect that prioritizes the best interests of our clients. The attorneys at our firm understand what is at stake for our clients, and we have the proven capacity to shield those accused from the worst consequences of the criminal justice system.


Our primary criminal defense attorney, Peter Brill, is a former assistant district attorney who knows the law inside and out. His understanding of how prosecutors think and operate gives him a distinct advantage when entering the courtroom or sitting down at the bargaining table. He is supported by the Brill Legal Group’s team of highly experienced criminal law attorneys who have tried hundreds of cases. These accomplished lawyers bring a collective wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none on Long Island or the Five Boroughs.

New York Operation Nightingale Defense Attorney

In January 2023, law enforcement arrested multiple individuals for engaging in selling fraudulent nursing degrees. If you were affected by Operation Nightingale, reach out to Brill Legal Group to learn your options.

Nurses can be prevented from practicing their profession if they are accused of committing specific felonies or misdemeanors. Over 40 percent of those who are on the OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE) are there because their licenses were revoked.

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, exclusion in one state is applicable to all states and all entities, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, physician and medical groups, and insurance companies that have contracts with or send bills to Medicare or Medicaid.

In the event you surrender your license following your discovery of an investigation, or of disciplinary action against you, your action will be deemed a disciplinary relinquishment. It will be treated as though your license had been revoked for disciplinary reasons.

After your license is subjected to discipline, or if you surrender your nursing license upon receipt of information about an investigation, there can be serious consequences. Among them are compulsory reports to all related organizations. In addition, any other states or jurisdictions in which you are licensed will start their own investigation, which could result in disciplinary action.

Disciplinary process

Under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, or the Due Process Clause, BONs are required to conform to constitutional protections prior to subjecting a nurse’s license to discipline. The Board of Nursing is prohibited from taking unjust action against a person without granting them specific rights, in accordance with procedural due process. The state is required to inform the nurse of the accusations and the reasons for them. The nurse possesses the following rights:

  • The right to a hearing
  • The right to hear the evidence against him or her
  • The right to question witnesses
  • The right to present evidence and witnesses who will testify on the nurse’s behalf

In addition, the charges against the nurse must have substance. An arbitrary decision is in violation of the nurse’s substantive due process.

If you find that your future as an RN is at risk, you should take steps to defend yourself. Seek counsel from an attorney who is experienced in professional licensing cases and administrative hearings. Do not communicate with or provide a written statement to an investigator until you have spoken with an attorney. If you are informed that you are the subject of an investigation, do not surrender your license.

If you are innocent of the accusations, ask for a formal hearing and challenge the charges. Do not ask that an informal hearing be held, or for a settlement agreement in which you provide an admission of the facts alleged against you. If you admit such facts, it will have the same effect as pleading guilty. Invest in professional liability insurance that consists of coverage for your legal defense for any investigation with respect to your professional license, whether or not it is relevant to a malpractice claim.

Call the attorneys at Brill Legal Group to represent you. They are versed in licensing and disciplinary hearings.

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Peter E. Brill is one of only two attorneys in all of New York State — and the only attorney in the New York metropolitan area — to be certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Criminal Law, a certification with rigorous requirements for legal knowledge and criminal trial experience. In his nearly 20 years of practice, he has extensive trial experience in state and federal court, arbitration and administrative proceedings. He has established a solid reputation with state and federal prosecutors throughout New York and practiced before nearly every administrative agency there is. He has won far more cases that he has lost for his clients in practically every county in the New York metropolitan area. He is in the Long Island and New York City area courts every single day and meets nearly every client, either in court or in the office. He has represented and defended thousands of people charged with misdemeanors and felonies in New York.

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