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Landlord – Tenant Disputes

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At the Brill Legal Group, our attorneys regularly help landlords and tenants resolve issues related to commercial and residential leases. With our help from the beginning of the lease process, we can help our clients avoid the possibility of a dispute from the outset. When it comes to a conflict between landlord and tenant, however, we can help our clients through the intricacies of litigation and eviction proceedings with as few headaches as possible.

New York eviction laws are complicated but, more importantly, they are enforced differently depending on where the property is located. For example, an eviction in Suffolk County usually goes much more smoothly for the landlord than one in Manhattan, but an experienced attorney can make any eviction process much less stressful in any jurisdiction.

Landlord Representation

As a landlord, one of the most important aspects of any eviction process is proper notice to the tenant. Even if you have proper grounds for an eviction, failure to provide proper notice can lead to litigation for illegal eviction, or even police intervention. Our Long Island and New York City landlord-tenant lawyers provide comprehensive representation throughout the eviction process, including eviction notices, court appearances and dealing with the sheriff when a rental unit must be opened or furniture must be removed from the premises.

Tenant Representation

As a tenant, you have rights. As a general rule, your landlord must provide adequate notice prior to any eviction. You may also have a court or the police intervene if your landlord is dealing with you improperly. Please call our offices in the Hamptons, Hauppauge, Hempstead or Manhattan if you need to speak with a lawyer about an eviction notice you have received or an upcoming court appearance.

Our lawyers work closely with clients on every aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship in residential and commercial matters. Some of the issues our lawyers routinely handle include:

  • Lease drafting and review
  • Eviction and holdover actions
  • Nonpayment proceedings
  • Illegal evictions
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Constructive eviction cases
  • Breach of warranty of habitability
  • Security deposits
  • Refusal to pay utility bills
  • Landlord liens
  • Subleases and assignments
  • Collection actions
  • Holdover proceedings
  • Mold issues
  • Tenant privacy rights violations
  • Landlord -tenant Litigation

If you are a tenant or landlord in New York and need legal advice, you can rely on the experience and ability of the Brill Legal Group to provide you with the help you need. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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